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If you guys haven’t ever heard of lipsense your in luck because It the smudge proof, waterproof,kissproof lipstick. I recently became a distributor and I can’t say enough good things about the products.  ​I was a customer loved it so much decided to sell it. 

Here Are some videos how to apply lipsense below. Bare in mind I am not a youtuber. I have so much respect for them after filming these videos. Also here are the 36 beautiful colors lipsense makes. 

Lip kits are a three part system. 

Part 1 color part 2 gloss (which seals color for all day wear also moisturizes and can be worn alone. Part 3 remover.  
Which color your interested in? I always have lots of colors instock. To purchase I do all transactions securely through PayPal  you receive a invoice and tracking # once shipped . You don’t need a PayPal account to purchase. Just your email. 

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Interested in selling lipsense to make extra money. Or start a career. All products are made in us but we now have 3 brand new markets in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia.  With no obligation to sell you can sign up just for the discount. 

Message me at for more info on signing up to be distributor. Or if your interested in lip products. 

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I’m loving this too – lips 


  • Here our a few shots with me in lipsense

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