Ruffle top w/ loft

Top:40% off Loft    |.    Jeans: Loft    |.   Shoes old similar: Kate spade

Earrings: Kendra Scott    |.   Necklace:  Rayne Kendra Scott     |  Sunglasses:   Jimmy choo |. Purse Louis Vuitton neverfull mm.  

After I seen this top on a few igers last week i thought I had to have it.  Right now it’s on major sale it’s extra 40% off  no code needed at loft.   I also picked up these jeans from loft in petite and the just the right amount of stretch. My jewelry is the perfect accessory going into spring. 

I’m seeing the ruffle trend everywhere right now. Also I was at mall yesterday and every where I seen tops in this color. 

Are you loving the ruffles trend too? 

                            Xoxo Danielle 

Cute swim suits that are mom friendly

2nd two photos courtesy of Norstrom

becca Red and black |o neill Dark blue swim|becca (comes in white and black) Light blue | becca high tea I bought this   Floral swimsuit | 

That time long ago in my life 2010-B.C ( you know before children ūüôā –  when all I wore  was itsy bitsey teeny-weeny little bikini.  But then you have children and  itsy bits don’t quite always fit in tiny bikini anymore. Well I still have a few bikinis but I just had a baby 6 weeks ago. Our summer trip is coming up fast. I know some bloggers/ And famous people are back to the normal size right away. If your this way congratulations!!!!  Well most women it takes time. after every baby I have always gotten back in my regular clothes after some time gradually. 

Well Bella will be 7 weeks this week and in about a month we’re taking a beach vacay and I need a suit. I had this becca suit in black last year. I even wore it 3 months pregnant and it looked super cute.  So when I seen the red one was one sale!! I bought it right away.  I also have bought the high tea floral one. I’m really in love with the light blue. It’s such a pretty color. What I like about these is just because it is a one piece it doesn’t have to be ugly. I feel one pieces are almost more in fashion these days. They look beautiful but still cover you up.  So if your looking for a sexy cute suit but do t want to opt for bikini try one of these suits. 

tell me what you think. Are you loving these one piece swimsuits? 


    The “free people shirt”

    Top: Free people |. Jeans:  Ag jeans  |. Shoes (old) similar blush :  Kate spade | wedges in black Kate spade

    This shirt been all over Instagram seems like everyone bought it. I really wasn’t sure about it because to be honest I don’t know if I like how it looks on me. Why did I buy two of them?? Because man this shirt is comfortable. I really really love the thumbs holes so much that I been searching for more tops with thumb holes. It is a great shirt for transitioning weather. I like wearing it alone and under a sweater. It so comfy you can pair it with jeans or leggings.  

    Also my bow wedges are old but Kate spade has a blush pair this year I have my eye on. I linked them above. 

    Have a good week



    Casual weekend wear

     Jeans : Ag: (on SALE ).     |shoes : Kenneth Cole: on sale |   Jacket : Blank NYC. |. Top Bobeau   |  Purse :Louis Vuitton neverfull mm. | 
    Am I last person on ig to own this jacket.  Well I was pregnant all alast fall and winter so I bought it and it’s been hanging in my closet and I finally am almost back to pre pregnancy weight so I finally decided to take the tags off it.  

    These jeans are on sale and am I glad I bought them. It’s hard for me to find distressed jeans where the knee hole actually hits at the knee.  The ag jeans are so comfortable and you won’t be disappointed. 

    This cold shoulder top is so comfy and long in the back so it’s perfect to wear with leggings as well.  

    These cognac leather wedges are amazing.  I walked all day in them and my feet didn’t hurt they are so comfortable but order a 1/2 size up. They do run a tiny bit small. 

    I hope your loving this too



    Newborn photos & life update:

    Bella is now a month old. we recently got a newborn pictures back and if you Live in the Indianapolis area and are looking for a photographer our photos are by Missy eckert photography.  She does a awesome job. I have been using her for years. 

    So being that Bella is probably my last baby  it makes me kinda sad just a bit because we’re really over the moon with her. She has all of us wrapped around her little finger. My kids get to experience something I never had because I’m an only child they get to experience siblings. I’ve never seen two siblings more in love with a new baby like these boys love this little girl. 

    I think every little thing that she does like 1st milestone is our last 1st  now she’s a month old it’s on my last first of’s with this baby. I mean don’t get me wrong I still have so many more first to even with my oldest left to experience.It’s just making me cherish the little things even more knowing that she’s most likely my last baby.  It might sound silly if you have not experience yet but even her growing out of her newborn clothes I think to myself it’s a little bit sad because I’m never going to have a baby in newborn clothes again. It’s just a  tiny piece of a period in my life coming to a close.  Even with my older babies only being a few years older than her and you forget how tiny and little they once were. 

    I read this article a few years ago. Where every time the baby cried the older children would say mommy she needs to you. Now that’s happening in our house. But every time she cries they go mommy she’s crying she needs you. Even if I’m right next to her.  The lady said at first it was annoying but then she thought about it and embraced it. at the end of the article the lady said someday I’m going to be old and very loved but at the end of the day nobody’s gonna need me.  So I cherish every single moment of my little ones still needing me. To do little things like  opening their water bottle caps or  still wanting to hold my hand to cross street.  To this tiny baby falling asleep for hours in my arms. 

    So to any new moms out there or moms to be may I suggest a little advice to take in every moment. I feel like I blinked and my oldest is already going to be six.  The little baby stage goes so quick. Take in all the small moments because in the end they all become the big moments. 

    Below are some of our newborn pictures and a link to the dress I’m wearing Find it here  comes in petite and in navy and perfect for a bride to be or for Easter.  



    Maternity shoot bump update 


    so last week it started to snow and I had a vision of a snowed covered ground¬† for maternity shoot. I don’t know what is up with this Midwest winter but we had only two snow falls all winter its been seasonably warm. we haven’t even had enough snow to build a snowman which my kids are disappointed with.¬†¬† So it started to flurry that’s what some of the white specs are in the pictures.

    I’m kinda feeling bitter sweet I know most likely this will be my last pregnancy and I feel like a chapter of my life will be coming to a close. I’m so ready to have this last bundle of joys in my arms and find out what it is. knowing that this baby will complete our little family and we will officially be the Snyder party of 5. I never in my wildest dream thought I be blessed with 3 babies. my husband still wants four haha he going to have to carry it because I’m pretty sure at 37 this year I’m so done.

    my dress was a ebay find for 15 dollars.¬† they don’t have any except xxxl left look and search maternity dresses on ebay.






    Shop Pink blush

    Cute looking maternity clothes it’s possible ladies. The thing is most of us don’t want to furnish a whole closet full of maternity clothes that we won’t wear in a few months. Let’s face it ladies you need to invest in a few things. When shopping for pregnancy clothes their are a few essentials. A great pair of jeans and some cute tops are a great staple to have in your closet. If you are looking for a special occasion ootd or a baby shower dress this is the one for you. This¬†Lace dress c\o¬† shop pink blush¬†comes in 11 colors and each is so cute. The sweater dress is also from ¬†as well and comes in two colors. Find it here…¬†sweater dress

    Dont despair both looks can be worn as a non maternity  as well. has super cute selection of maternity and also non maternity clothes as well.  Check them out Right now if you use code: yearofpb   It will take off 30%. At checkout today!

    I hope you enjoyed this post are you loving this too



    Nordstrom after Christmas yearly half sale








    black moto jacket  $60 //   red dress  //  black dress //  nike  //  mac lipstick minis //  initial mug // mascara and coffee mug  //  pea coat 4 colors aval.  //  over knee boots

    Do you have a gift card or Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket like me. Well I put up a quick post to show you Nordstrom has a bunch of stuff on sale starting today.

    go check it out sorry for enabling you habit but I already bought a ton of stuff with my Nordstrom gift cards I received form santa




    Maternity holiday style

    black tulle skirt



    black tulle skirt   //       wine color tulle skirt    both skirts under $20.00   //    my booties are chanel present from my husnband.    my open toe shoes find them here  black chunky heels.       my red lipstick is mac ruby woo find it here awesome matte red mac red lip


    sometimes when your pregnant you have a holiday party or event you need to dress up for and you don’t want to spend a lot. I found two affordable dress skirts that are under 20 dollars. one I plan on wearing to Christmas mass and the other next week to dinner for new years eve. click link above you cant beat the price of today.


    I just want to thank everyone for reading and hope everyone has a Merry Christmas with their families and friends. I also hope Santa has been good  to you and leaves you something fun under the tree

    xoxo Danielle




    Mac makeup under $40 on sale




    1.//  brushes   2.//eye shawdow    3.//  4 mini lipsticks    4.// nude lip kit     5.// eye shadows  6.//     4 nude lip kit    7.//   red lip kit  //



    Mac makeup never goes on sale so when I seen this holiday collection was 25% off I jump at the chance to get a couple of stocking stuffers for my self.¬†¬† Don’t act like you don’t do it too lol. I only bought one thing and something for a friend. Check out the links above tell me which ones you are loving and what you picked up in the comments

    xoxo Danielle