Peplum top is all the hearts eyes

Top Red dress boutique | jeans 50% off with code :cyber Loft. | shoes old Tory burch similar  Kate spade |my purse is Louis Vuitton neverfull mm
Let’s talk about this top I love it so much. It’s super soft and looks cute with white jeans or regular jeans. Don’t stop get it now it sold out once already.  Tory burch please bring back this shoe design. They are my favorite and so comfortable I found a almost identical one from Kate spade this year.  I hope your enjoyjng this spring weather as much as we are. I love not having to bring a coat with me every where. 

Xoxo Danielle 

On a side note read below 

I’m going to talk about body image for a quick second.  You know I’m the world of Instagram and photoshopping. Us women can be most hard on ourselves we are our own worst Critics . I had a baby 8 weeks ago so I’m still loosing the baby weight from my precious blessing and I saw these photos and thought I looked terrible. Then I thought dam Danielle you just had a baby.   Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Sometimes we see celebrities and. Fashion/beauty  Bloggers  on Instagram with these 00 frames and young girls and even adult women think they need to achieve that body frame too. But we’re all built different.  Sometimes you don’t know if that person is doing  healthy things to achieve that body.   There nothing wrong with being skinny. Maybe they are just naturally that skinny.  Because some people are.  So basically what I’m trying to say don’t be so hard on yourself because like I said your probably your own worst critic. If you want to loose weight or work out do it in a healthy way.  But try not to compare yourself to another person because your just as beautiful no matter what size you are. Xoxo 😘 

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